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So there you are, trying to find the perfect fishing vacation. You have been looking far and wide to find the best place to go fishing and you are at your wits end. Well, look no further. You have finally found it -- Trophy Striper Fishing. That is right. With Chesapeake Bay rockfishing, you will be having the time of your life, pulling in some of the best catches that the waters have to offer. There is nothing that can rival this fantastic experience.

There are some anglers who will never know the joy of pulling in a huge, fifty pound striper. Chesapeake Bay charter fishing for rockfish is definitely not for the faint of heart. On this excursion to reel in some of the great beasts that the Chesapeake Bay can hold, you will find yourself having some of the fights of your life. There is nothing quite like the experience of pulling in your very first fifty pound striper. These adrenaline pumping moments are the kind that remind you why you became an angler in the first place. Those pictures of you standing with your huge catch are the kind that will take the center spot of every photo album and always be out for visitors to see. That accomplishment is something that will stand out in your memories for years to come.

Big Rig Charters can help to make sure that you have the perfect trophy rockfishing experience. With years of skill at guiding anglers to the best that these waters have to hold, Big Rig Charters has the experience that you would expect from a charter company. Let us lead you to all the secrets that the waters of Chesapeake Bay hold. If you have never been Chesapeake Bay striper fishing or if you have gone countless times before, you will still find that Big Rig Charters are the ones that will lead you straight to the fish you have been looking for.

If you still are not sure, then perhaps it would help to know that Big Rig Charters takes Chesapeake Bay charter fishing seriously. So seriously, in fact, that if your party does not manage to catch a fish during our rock fishing outing, then you will get your money back. Yes, you read that correctly. We know our way around the area and know all the tricks and tips that can help you land a great fish. And we are so confident in those abilities that we guarantee your party will catch a fish or your money back. You will certainly have a hard time finding a better deal than that!

Chesapeake Bay charter fishing for striper is a great and rewarding experience. Due to the lack of regulations concerning catching these fish, there was a time when striper fishing in the Chesapeake Bay area was nearly non-existent. But thanks to the efforts of various fisheries, both federal and state, striped bass were reintroduced into the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Now, thanks to the regulations concerning seasons for striper fishing and how many stripers may be kept by an angler, this amazing fish is flourishing once more in these beautiful waters.

And because of this most successful restoration, these fish are not only increasing in numbers, but also in size. These beautiful behemoths from below can grow to sizes exceeding 52 inches in length and weighing over 50 pounds each! Wrestling with one of these bad boys will certainly be an experience to remember.

Exhilarating and refreshing, taking a Chesapeake Bay charter fishing trip with Big Rig Charters may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Trophy striper fishing can be an adrenaline pumping, action packed, angling adventure. Whether you go fishing every day or have not been fishing in many years, this is definitely the place to be. With the “No Fish, No Pay” guarantee, you can be certain that Big Rig Charters is working to ensure that you have the fishing experience you expect.

Whether you are looking for a great family trip or an excuse to take a day out with friends, whatever your angle, Big Rig Charters helps anglers experience some of the best Chesapeake Bay fishing that you can find. So get ready, and be prepared, because you might just be the one that pulls in that 60 pound trophy striper!

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